Grow Group | Navigating Change
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Navigating Change

Inside-Out Change Leadership

The Change Leader’s challenge is to recognize and understand the patterns of response that people express as they make their way through transition, and to customize intervention strategies that maximize the opportunity for individuals to bounce back from adversity and move forward in an evolving environment.


This program offers you a fresh perspective on their response to change and insight into how others may respond. It’s intended to give you a more precise understanding of the different kinds of individual and organizational responses to change, and what you can do as a leader to help people successfully navigate periods of transition. Armed with a clear understanding, you can become more efficient at helping others understand, manage, and cope with the ambiguity and constant evolution that mark the contemporary organizational life.



The structure of the program covers the following areas:

The Roots of Resisting to Change

The Differences Between Change and Transformation

The Human Whole System of Change

Understanding the Dynamics of Change

Change as a Process: Denial, Resistance, Exploration and Commitment

Emotional Spectrum of Change

Change Behavioral Profiles Based on Capacity for Change and Comfort

You will learn effective strategies and how to shift from feelings that block change to feelings that fuel change; how to build resilience, activate intrinsic motivation and exercise optimism as effective strategies in times of change and transition.


At the end of the program you will have your own “change toolkit” and change intervention plan. You will be ready to apply practice, behaviors and values to a complex challenge. You will have the knowledge required to influence up/down and around the organization and the willingness to work through emotions of your team members to engage them in the phases of change.