Grow Group | Leadership Value Assessment (LVA)
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Leadership Value Assessment (LVA)

Developing Leaders

Leaders only grow and develop when they get regular feedback. Do you know what others appreciate about you? Do you know what advice your boss, peers, and subordinates can offer you to improve your leadership style? Do you know how you are contributing to the successes or problems within the organization? Do you know your level of personal entropy?  The answers to all these questions are provided by our coaching tool, the Leadership Values Assessment.

Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change. Therefore, to grow and develop your culture, you need to grow and develop your leaders.

Insights from a Leadership Value Assessment

In one simple picture, see how a leader believes they show up and how others experience them.

See how a leader’s values map against the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness and in which areas they are experiencing difficulties.

Receive a detailed analysis of what is working well, where improvements could be made, and next areas for growth. Understand where a leader’s perception of their leadership style differs from the perception of colleagues.

Benefits of the Leadership Value Assessment

The LVA deepens your understanding of what you need to do to become an authentic, Full-Spectrum leader.

The LVA measures personal entropy, which is the amount of fear-driven energy a person expresses. This indicates how you may be contributing to the Cultural Entropy® score of the organization.