Grow Group | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Petruş Cîndea


With over 25 years of senior leadership experience from manager to board member in companies part of Romania’s top 100, I am a strong believer in adaptability, constant development and sustainable innovation. From the time I started my career as a leading change agent, helping companies establish and mold their strategies, visions and plans, to my later years at the helm of such companies, there is one thing that I’ve learned, and it is that there is no business success without investing in your people.

My main aim, to which I allocate most of my time and energy, is to grow a new generation of conscious leaders who know how to manage not only the business aspect of the company but also the crucial human capital that they possess.

Motivating, engaging and introducing people to a new vision and helping them discover their strong suit is my passion. I believe in addressing peoples’ minds as well as their hearts and guiding them along the path to inspiration, motivation, empowerment, taking control of their lives and being the best in the field.

Iuliana Pielmuş

Professional Certified Coach

Having held several senior and leadership roles throughout a career spanning over two decades in the corporate world, I am a fervent supporter of self-growth and development. My latter years in the job market were a turning point for me, as I discovered that my heart was longing for another level of life experience besides the career growth and financial comfort I had reached.

I aim for constant personal development, thus I embarked on a journey that took me through programs and international certifications in NLP and Timeline Therapy. This initial step was followed by two years of learning and personal transformation at the JS International Coaching School in Spain and a certification from the Barrett Value Center – Evolutionary Coaching.

All this led me to feel the need to share this knowledge and experience with others, and that’s how Grow Group came to be – a company based on three essential values: Passion, Purpose, and Perspective. Our mission is simple: to awaken the desire and aspiration for evolution in every individual we interact with and build a community of passionate leaders to drive a culture based on integrity and true values.

What We Do

Mentorship and Coaching

We are not only highly trained and skilled practitioners, but we also have solid business backgrounds in multinational companies and international markets. We have lead teams, departments and regions, we put our soul and heart into it and we have learnt a lot along the way.

Our approach is both theoretical and practical and we draw our experience from the real world.


When it comes to leadership and development, there are no fixed recipes or magic formulas that apply to all. We approach each client and each group of people with a flexible mindset and build customised leadership development programs which fit them best, either from scratch, or based on internationally recognised tools.

Whole and Part Capability

Our expertise allows us to develop end-to-end audience-specific development programs, as well as intervene within existing programs and support targeted competency growth.