Grow Group | Evolutionary Leadership
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Evolutionary Leadership

Become the leader everyone wants to follow!

“When a leader is able to build a values-driven culture, compliance shifts to commitment, and as the values-driven culture takes hold, commitment shifts to awareness. People not only know what they have to do to achieve excellence in their work, they also know how to achieve excellence in their behavior. They are living and breathing a values-driven culture. They operate with honesty and integrity because they are encouraged to do so. The leaders act as role models and they set up systems and processes that encourage ethical behavior, collaboration and effort towards common good.” – Richard Barrett, 2011

And to build a values-driven culture, a leader himself/herself needs to be a values-driven person. Ultimately, the culture a leader creates is a reflection of his/her values, beliefs, and behaviors, which define the levels of awareness he/she operates from. Only when leaders understand, at a profound level, the inner makings of what makes them who they are, what beliefs they need to let go of and what values they need to embrace more, can they really be ready to inspire their people to be the best they can be, with authenticity, trust and sense of purpose.

In Evolutionary Leadership, we seek to encourage participants to adopt a new leadership paradigm, a paradigm based on vision-guided, values-driven leadership that targets not only the success of the team/organization, but also the well-being of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, partners and society.


This is a three days transformative program

Day_1 (1)

DAY 1:



  • stages of psychological development
  • primary & secondary motivations
  • self-esteem & self-image dynamics
  • creating your personal reality



  • learn the 7 stages of psychological development.
  • discover what stage you are at and how it affects your needs.
  • explore your primary motivations (conscious) at a profound level.
  • uncover and learn to master your secondary motivations (unconscious).
  • explore and learn to master your self-sabotaging patterns.
  • learn the process of forming reality.
  • learn to master your rational/emotional dynamics for personal flourishing.



  • self-leadership
  • personal accountability
  • authenticity
  • growth mindset

DAY 2:




  • levels of personal awareness
  • levels of leadership awareness
  • evolutionary leadership styles
  • leadership development report debriefs




  • learn the 7 levels of personal & leadership awareness.
  • identify the level of leadership awareness you operate from.
  • explore & learn to master your leadership needs & motivations.
  • become aware of your own leadership values.
  • develop flexibility in using evolutionary leadership styles.
  • learn to coach others to discover and clarify their personal values
  • action plan on your leadership development report



  • leadership presence
  • leading others
  • coaching skills
  • applied emotional intelligence
Day_2 (1)
Day_3 (1)

DAY 3:



  • engage intrinsic motivation in your team
  • connect with your team’s values & ambitions
  • shift you team’s energy from compliance to commitment
  • shape and promote a values-based team culture



  • explore ideas, opinions & beliefs of others without judgement.
  • learn to identify the levels of trust in your team.
  • help people work better & feel better about what they do.
  • help people move beyond conflict into creative collaboration.
  • create shared meaning & commitment around team deliverables.
  • practice skilful conversations about performance & behaviours.
  • expand your team metrics with values.



  • strengths aligning
  • employee engagement
  • skillful conversations
  • developing others

Join the Evolutionary Leadership program and come to understand where you are on your leadership journey; what you need to do to increase your leadership and organizational awareness, and the fundamental secrets to creating and leading motivated, engaged and high-performing teams.

This program is accompanied by coaching and mentoring sessions offered by our Evolutionary Coaches and Accredited Practitioners of Cultural Transformation Tools developed by Barrett Values Center.