Grow Group | Coaching for Creativity
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Coaching for Creativity

Coaching with Metaphors and NLP Tools

The purpose of the workshop is to use the power of metaphors for enabling creative, insightful conversations for leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators.

Metaphors open a different channel, granting insights and information that flows through visual, emotional, physical and non-verbal channels.

Using the power of imagery, we create the space for activating awareness, getting clarity, engaging choices and assuming the responsibility for the results.

In this workshop you will learn to:

create shared understanding about the challenges at hand

create fresh memorable metaphors and stories about a complex challenge that engages people in finding solutions

elicit new questions and alternatives

improve personal understanding and trust in working with metaphors

build safety for self-disclosure and vulnerability

help people envision a better future

tap into personal experiences and passions

encourage fun, playful, yet serious coaching dialogue

make abstract conversations tangible

design your own metaphors or stories for different coaching situations

help people move from ineffective positions

frame and illustrate thoughts so they can be shared