Grow Group | Let’s Grow™ Coaching Academy
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Let’s Grow™ Coaching Academy

Why Grow? Because You Can

There is a limitless universe inside you and coaching is just one of many doors to open it. I t is a wide door that lets you see a lot inside yourself and others. And it is the door we are most passionate about, because it enables us to grow further and further as humans and professionals.

Welcome to Let`s Grow, a coaching academy which guides you to become a professional coach by focusing on real-life practice and real-time guidance during practice hours.

Founded by Laurențiu Horubeț, ACC (Let`s — Talk) and Iulia Pielmuș, PCC (Grow Group), Let`s Grow comes as a natural step in sharing decades-long coaching and mentoring experience at the highest business level.

Why Grow with Us?


While we approach coaching with a transformational mindset, we are not bound by any coaching method. Each coachée is unique, which means their coaching goals different. We aim to prepare our participants to be ready and able to use a wide variety of coaching tools and methodologies, that they deem fit for their clients’ needs and goals – life, career, transitions, performance, etc.


Our program facilitators and guest-speakers are not only highly trained and skilled ICF certified coaches, they also have strong business backgrounds, cumulating decades of consulting, management and executive experience in companies like Vodafone, Adobe Systems, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Telekom. This will bring a whole new meaning to “mixing theory with practice.”


As we fully and consistently support the ICF standards in coaching, we not only train participants to have a deep understanding and strong capability of the ICF core competencies, we also offer the opportunity to have 25 logged coaching hours, out of the 100 needed for the ACC ICF credential, by the end of the program.


Finding coaching clients after getting certified can be difficult. Not with us. After program graduation, we offer the opportunity to our participants to deliver coaching sessions within multinational companies that have agreed to partner with us. This way, our participants can start practicing coaching and building their client network immediately after graduation.

How Will You Grow with Us?

The learning framework consists of live in- class sessions, expert coaching & mentoring, peer coaching & mentoring, group projects, individual coaching and reflection portfolios and written assignments, all impacting the final evaluation. Due to the robust nature of the program, totaling 160 hours of training and mentoring (not including assignments), our groups will have a maximum of 12 participants. There are 7 modules in the program, each module has 2 full days, taking place over a period of 6 months.

Discover the 7 Modules

Module 1 – The Coaching Practice

Module 2 – Emotional Intelligence in Coaching

Module 3 – Psychology in Coaching

Module 4 – Evolutionary Coaching

Module 5 – Coaching for Performance & Transitions

Module 6 – Integration at a Personal Level

Module 7 – Final Assessment & Graduation

Teaching and Learning Approach

The sessions are highly interactive and are comprised of instructional training, guided discovery, personal reflection and pair/group reflective debrief of learnings, with exercises and activities that support adult learning theories. Upholding the principle of self-determination and self- actualization of person-centered development, we enable participants to assume full ownership of their learning journey, supported by school coaches and peer-mentors who will oversee and provide feedback on module activity, progress, assignments and individual coaching practice after the module

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