Grow Group | Grow Your Resilience
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Grow Your Resilience

Train your mind like you train your muscle

We hear the term all the time.  Becoming more resilient is offered as the solution to coping with stress, helping with mental health issues and continuing to perform well in times of change and uncertainty.

But what does it mean – and are we really using the right term for the personal qualities and skills that we need to do these things?

Rather than thinking of resilience in scientific terms, in which we have images of a ‘return to normal’, we might consider a different metaphor: the human muscle. To build muscle strength, it is necessary to damage the muscle fibers. The process of damaging the muscle – the physical exertion involved, is not what strengthens the muscle. It is the process of healing and building new fibers that increases muscle strength and size. The new muscle is not the same as the pre-trained one: the process of damaging and repairing has strengthened it.

Grow your Resilience is a highly interactive workshop based on small group practical work, reflection and discussion. It uses a range of experiential learning activities and coaching resources to illustrate and rehearse skills to help address commitment, control and challenge.




There are 4 x 90-minute phases during the workshop:

Learning objectives:

To develop

a better understanding of the concept of resilience and what it means for you personally.

To understand

key attitudes and skills that help in developing resilience.

To rehearse

techniques that help manage individual, emotional states.

To improve

your ability to learn from experience and treat challenges as developmental experiences.

To create

a personal 'Resilience Development Plan' for application in the workplace and beyond.